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Carbon Black----One of the key factors affecting the quality of rubber conveyor belts

Carbon black is the main reinforcing filler for rubber, with 90% to 99% of its composition being elemental carbon, and the rest being a small amount of volatile matter and moisture. During the production process of carbon black, a small amount of chemical groups such as carboxyl groups, quinone groups, phenol groups and lactone groups are adsorbed or combined on the surface.

The particle size, structure and surface properties of carbon black have an important impact on the processing performance of the rubber conveyor belt, which is reflected in the rubber conveyor belt’s mixing, calendering, extrusion and vulcanization processes and the flow of the compound. Variable performance.

1. The effect of the properties of carbon black on the mixing process and rubber compound: The particle size, structure and surface properties of carbon black have an influence on the mixing process and rubber compound properties.

2. The finer the particle size of carbon black, the more difficult it is to mix, slow synthesis, high energy consumption, high heat generation, and more difficult to disperse. This is mainly due to the small particle size, large specific surface area, and large area to be wetted. The effect of structure on dispersion is also obvious. The synthesis of high structure is slower than that of low structure, but the dispersion is faster. This is because the structure is high, and the volume of the voids is relatively large. It takes more time to remove the air. Once synthesized, Carbon black with high structure is easy to disperse.

3. The influence of the nature of carbon black on the technical performance of the thermally vulcanized rubber of the conveyor belt:
The particle size of carbon black has a decisive effect on the tensile strength, tear strength, and abrasion resistance of vulcanizates. Smaller particle size increases the tear strength, tensile stress and hardness, while the elasticity and elongation decrease, and the compression set is permanent. The small change is because the particle size is small and the specific surface area is large, so that the boundary area between rubber and carbon black is large, and the interaction between the two produces more binding glue;

4. The structure of carbon black has a greater impact on the tensile stress and hardness, because the presence of fillers reduces the volume fraction of elastic rubber macromolecules in the vulcanizate, and the carbon black with high structure contains more rubber, which is greater It reduces the volume fraction of rubber macromolecules, and the structure shows a certain improvement effect on wear resistance only under severe abrasion conditions, and its structure also has a certain impact on other properties.


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